There are plenty of reasons why we need a storage device for our files. Our computer may break down and out work files might be jeopardized or maybe the files that we keep for the house may go missing. We need to have a way to back up and recover files if we need them. Some people may choose to buy a physical storage device but there is something even better, an online storage space. If you have an online storage space, you can access your files anytime by logging into the website and downloading your file.
nitroflare premium
If you are looking for a secure and bigger space for file storage, Nitroflare is one of the most popular international service for providing fast and safe file transferring, distribution and storage servers' transfer speed is one of the fastest and the storage is nearly unlimited.There is no other similar data storage websites out there that can offer our level of excellence. Nitroflare is the finest and fastest service for uploading, storing, and secure sharing of your files on the internet. You don’t need to buy an external device or delete your old files, files storage websites like will act as your hard rive where you can store and access your data every time you need it. offers an uploading space of up to 10 GB for each file (not the maximum space). We have stable servers with huge Storage and a very fast transfer speed. For video files, Nitroflare allows you to download and stream movies in the highest possible quality. This means you do not really have to wait for a long time before you are able to watch your movies and save more time only at
There are a lot of ways to upload your files through You can transfer files by browsing files from you hard-drive, you can provide a link and use the Remote Upload option or use a program in your computer like FTP (file transfer protocol). is all about the customers and this is why Nitroflare is the best file storage out there. When you sign up through Nitroflare, you are automatically able to enjoy the benefits that they give. has been around for a long term of time. They offer an advanced User Control Panel where the customer can easily manage your files as well as downloads. Unlike other file storage websites, is selling their services first hand with their own payment platform and do not have resellers. If you are new to the website and you have not registered yet, you will still be able to look at some of the files that are being shared to non-registered users without nitroflare premium subscription. If you want to view all of the videos in the website, you can buy a Nitroflare premium key and with it you can unlock all the files.
 nitroflare download speed

Nitroflame premium is a paid service so you have to send us your payment for your Nitrofare premium key. There are plenty of ways that you can send your payments if you want to subscribe to has tie up with the following agents:

  • PayPal
  • WebMoney
  • Payoneer
  • Bank Transfer

The payment will be completed in a period of time of 5 days before it gets transferred to the wallet you have requested from can choose to switch payment method through the User Panel on My Account when you log in to the Nitroflare website.

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39 thoughts on “Nitroflare

  1. Carina

    No Paypal, no "Sofortüberweisung" – just Bitcoins, Webmoney and CC? 🙁

  2. Jesus


    in your Home-page you say: 7$ for 14 days…

    Can'f find where to do it… Please, Where I can choose this option?


    1. admin Post author

      You can try one month plan, or buy the 90 days plan which most people choose.

      1. Diego

        I want to buy 90 days nitroflare premium account i have paypal, where i can get?

  3. Claudio Henriques

    AVAX link to Nitroflare says: Table 'admin_nitroflare.uploads' doesn't exist

    1. admin Post author

      There are plenty of ways that you can send your payments

  4. Coutteau Johny

    I have a premium account for 30 days. I tried to open a downloaded RAR file, but i needed a password.

  5. Erlkonig

    That's very Interesting! But how can I unsubscribe, after 30 days, it is terribly complicated as do many others? Renewal is automatic or just let it decay? Tnx…

  6. IG

    Is it still possible to renew using PayPal – or that is no longer an option?

    Thank you.

  7. Rai

    "Sofortüberweisung" as payment method not longer supported??

  8. Jagan

    I am intrested to take a 90 days plan but there is not paypal accoung which why i am not try to go further.

    If would be great if Admin add the Paypal..


  9. axel

    Why no paypal?

    I bought a premium in the past using paypal.

    I'll have to look out for some other…

  10. Dewey

    For example, the latitude and longitude of London,
    England is 51. What can we do together creatively to get that rate down. In either case, I
    would have not made the purchase if I would have just paid for the vet check.

  11. trashcansinatra

    You've put off paysafecard from your payment possibilities selection.

    IMHO, that's no good idea for users not being located in CEE, SEE or former USSR countries. Forgot to mention not being located in Near and Middle East.


  12. Warren

    Good afternoon,

    how can I proceed by paying with Paysafecard? Under option 3 there is the Paysafecard selectable but afterwards it says it is not enabled.

    Please advise

    Thanks and regrads




  13. Gordie

    Why is there no paypal??

    A million people more would by premium if there would be paypal!!

    At least delete it from the description, if there isnt really the option for it! X(

  14. dias

    why you dont fucking answer all the questions about paypal ???

  15. Daniel

    No Paypal ? I can't believe, incredible. Will wait until You offer Paypal.

  16. Sue

    You're loosing a lot of sales by not having Paypal as an option.  There is absolutely no way I have going to give my credit card number to you or any of those flaky alternatives, most of whom do not function for people in the United States.  Get Paypal or continue to loose money!


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