What can be as painful as losing a very important file that carries cogent information? You will agree with me that that is a painful one. Just like humans, machines also are not perfect; they can break down anytime and make you lose those important files. Besides, you or someone else might even tamper with them accidentally and before you know it, boom! All your files are gone. Getting an external hard drive will not help much because of its limited space and the possibility of misplacing it. Hence, you need something more secure, stable, trustworthy and unlimited. I bring to you Nitroflare.

Nitroflare is one of the most popular international services that provide fast and safe transferring, distribution and storage backup of files. With this data storage website, not only are your files safe and secured to be accessed by you anytime, but you also enjoy unlimited space. Interestingly, you can earn money as you upload your files. Here are answers to some of the questions that might be running through your mind.

How do I start earning money?

For most people, this is the first question that comes to their minds. Well, earning some dough here is very easy. Just register (it is free). Upload files and share your links on forums, blogs, and others. The more people use your link to download and purchase a premium, the more your cash builds.

What types of account do you have?

  • The registered user account.
  • The Pro User account.
  • The Webmaster account.
  • The Pro Webmaster account.

When a customer purchases a premium from my link, how much do I get?

How much you earn depends on the type of account you have with Nitroflare. From each banner and referrals, you earn 5% if you are a registered user; 5% if you are a pro user; 10% if you are a Webmaster user; 10% if you are a Pro Webmaster user.

How do I go about uploading files to your website?

You can do this in three different ways. It is either you select files from your computer, or you provide a link and use the Remote Upload, or you upload files through FTP client app.

What is the maximum size of file I can upload?

There is no limit to how large your files should be. You can upload a file with a whopping size of 10GB and even larger.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

If you are using Paypal or WebMoney, the minimum withdrawal amount is $10. Via Payoneer, it is $50. Via wire transfer, it is $500

How many days will it take to process payment?

The processes for payment start ASAP, but payments are made within 5-14 days of the request.

Is it possible for my files to be deleted?

Yes. Your files will only be deleted if they are inactive for 90 days.

Does Nitroflare support online streaming for video files?

Yes, you can as well download or watch video files online.

What is the minimum size of files I can upload?

Your files shouldn’t be anything less than 5MB.

Can I switch my payment method?

Yes, you can through the User Panel on My Account.