Nitroflare premium account and payments

Sharing files is made easier than it was before with the help of There are no more glitches where you could upload the file of just limited size to share it with your friend. The storage is expanded to mighty 100 TB so that you could share as much as you want. Premium account of Nitroflare is much better than the free one because in free account you get 500 GB space to store and also you will have to wait for a considerable amount of time, but once you buy your account there is no wait and uploading and downloading speed corresponding to your internet service provider makes it a perfect sharing and storage place.

Storage time:

Another reason why Nitroflare premium account is better is that when you upload your files in the premium account you can store your files there as long as you like. On the other hand if you suffice on the free version then it won’t really bring you contentment because there you will only be able to store your data for merely 90 days which is just not enough time for sharing all your valuable data with your friends or study-buddy.

File size restriction:

When you will download the files with a free account,the first problem you would face is that if the file is bigger than 2 GB it wouldn’t be allowed. To get rid of this problem the solution for you is the premium account. Here you can download files of size up to 10 GB which is really enormous and enough to share whatever you wish to. This problem especially occurs while sharing the pictures, so all those photographers out there datafile is the answer to all your sharing woes.

Pricing of Premium account:

The premium account comes in very nominal prices. You can choose from five different plans depending upon the number of days.

  • 2 days $10
  • 30 days $12
  • 120 days $30
  • 180 days $50
  • 365 days $90

For each plan pricing is different and you can choose that which one really suits you. Another feature other than days and pricing while choosing in plan you should keep in mind is the bandwidth speed for the Nitroflare. Each account has its own amenity of increased speed. Least bandwidth starts from 1 TB and goes as high as 6 TB. So choose wisely that which plan is categorically suitable for you.

With all the conveniences that the site is providing you a thought of getting your own premium account must have crossed your mind. It is the one decision in your life that you wouldn’t regret ever in fact praise for the niceties it is equipping you with and making your life indeed comfortable as far as sharing is concerned. Sharing is growing and this is why Nitroflare gives a very high importance to it. Cumulating all the data file sharing problems there has been brought forth one solution and that is none other than

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